Red Rum

I never used to be a huge American car fan growing up.  Embarrassingly, I was the typical import or bust kid.  But just like my taste in music changed from hanging out with friends who were big friends of bands like Slayer, Metallica, Led Zepplin etc, so did my taste in cars.  The friends I... Continue Reading →

Fall Updates

These last couple of months have gone by quick for me and now look, its already fall.  Each week since the beginning of September has been incredibly busy for me, from work to shoots on the weekend and homework at midnight.  But I do my best to make sure all the shots I take are... Continue Reading →

Neck Snapper

Rochester isnt really a big city, so chances are, when you see a clean car and the owner actually drives it, youll probably see it again. I first saw Kyles car a couple years back (or was it one year?) at our local July 4th show.  Back then it was on air however the wheels... Continue Reading →


sin·is·ter ˈsinistər/ adjective adjective: sinister 1. giving the impression that something harmful or evil is happening or will happen. "there was something sinister about that murmuring voice" synonyms: menacing, threatening, ominous, forbidding, baleful, frightening, alarming, disturbing, disquieting, dark, black; More One word comes to mind when I see Tony's black s4 trailing behind my car.... Continue Reading →

Cleanest 8th Gen in MN

Thats the title im giving it because I have yet to see a cleaner one, though my attendance at local shows has been somewhat scarce.. but I challenge anyone to prove me wrong.  Nick messaged me to set up a shoot with this beauty and I gladly obliged.  What you see here are the results!... Continue Reading →

The Droid Youre Looking For

Had a chance to snap some pictures of this badass Rally Fighter.  Ive never seen one before that day and man does it snap necks.  It also has a bite to back its bark with an LS3 under the hood!  Glad to see its being used at the Crown Rally!  I hope to someday join... Continue Reading →

First Automotive Shots of the Year!

Warmer weather means more cars coming out of the woodwork after a long winter hibernation, and not having shot that much over the winter means I am game to shoot.  I wanted to put the new flash setup from Godox to the test to see just how much better they are over speedlights.  Im not... Continue Reading →

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