Social Ice 2018!

Its been a few years since Ive been out to a social ice.   Its either been way too cold for me, or ive been way too busy.  But this year, I decided I was going to go, cold or not.  I suited up, grabbed my camera, and made my way down to the Peace Plaza in Rochester, MN, where several amazing ice sculptures could be seen.  The attention to detail and creativity in each of these sculptures is astounding, and I really enjoyed seeing all of them.  I remember going to the very first Social Ice in Rochester years ago, and compared to the first, the event has come a long way.  It will be cool to see what next year brings!SocialIce-2923-3SocialIce-2944SocialIce-3176SocialIce-3150SocialIce-3137SocialIce-3131SocialIce-3097SocialIce-3091SocialIce-3077SocialIce-2916SocialIce-2956

Published by alphadigitalmn

Southeastern Mn Photography Enthusiast

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