AlphaDigital 2018 – Seattle – Bike Shows- And Upcoming

Sorry for the lack of anything on the webpage.  The beginning of 2018 for me was really unclear with the direction I wanted to take AlphaDigital as well as my professional career path.  Quite honestly, it still is.  But the fact remains that I still want to continue taking photos and sharing them with anyone who will look.  I recently took a trip out the the pacific northwest for fun just to unwind.  It was nice to somewhat escape the responsibilities of adulthood and unwind.  Its funny how I forget to do that sometimes.


Getting out and seeing new sights along with the fresh pacific breeze definitely helped calm my mind and allowed me to just snap away.  Seattle was a great city, for some reason ive always wanted to visit.  Im glad I got the opportunity to.  I enjoyed the city, its cuisine, and people a lot.


As soon as my trip was done with right away the next weekend was the Donnie Smith bike show in St. Paul Mn.  I was asked by Dewey, a friend of mine and owner of Suburban Bagger Co. in Rochester Mn to swing up and get some shots of his booth.  Dewey has a really creative mind and it shows with the work on his bikes.  Being in a sea of two wheeled machines really made me nostalgic as I used to own a couple of Ducatis myself.

Fast forward to today, I recently acquired new gear that im really looking forward to using.



This year I decided to step up my strobing game and after a long time of research I decided to go with the Godox AD200.  These flashes seemed like the bang for buck, providing excellent recycle time, power, and cost.  My first shoot with them will be coming up shortly, so expect my .02, but so far they seem great.


In a couple weeks here Ill be making a quick trip out to Chicago for Wekfest and I cannot tell you how excited I am for this show.  Itll only be my third show ive attended with Wekfest, but I can tell you that the quality of the show is amazing, not to mention its in Chicago, a city I enjoy frequenting with my wife and friends.  Ill be sure to upload many a photo from there, but for now, enjoy some of the shots from 2017.



Looking back at all of these shots makes me realize I want to make a lot of improvements to my photography.  And writing all of this makes me realize just how long ive been out of school and how horrible my grammar is.  Thanks for stopping by!


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