First Automotive Shots of the Year!

Warmer weather means more cars coming out of the woodwork after a long winter hibernation, and not having shot that much over the winter means I am game to shoot.  I wanted to put the new flash setup from Godox to the test to see just how much better they are over speedlights.  Im not going to lie, speedlights are awesome and absolutely convenient for hauling around, but they just arent strong enough to provide the lighting I need, which made the Ad200s the perfect upgrade.

After coordinating with a few people I was able to get the test cars I wanted.  Here are some shots from a week ago, both with and without the use of OCF.




While it was light enough out we decided to get rollers.  We made the most of the weather even though the sun wasnt out, and these were the end results.  The NSX is an incredible car and this one is a prime example of pristine.  NSX-4249

I love the styling on this particular car, every piece that has been added works perfectly with one another, from the diffuser to the wheels and the stoptech BBK.  There isnt a thing I would dream of changing on it.


The other vehicle I shot this evening was a Saab, and unfortunately I am unfamiliar with them, as such, I dont even know the model.  The only thing I can say is, this car is clean and has some power to back it up.  The owner of it just happened to be around when I met up with the group and he was more than happy to get some shots of his car done.  Look for his own solo shoot very soon.



Big ups to Ben, whose car we used to get the rolling shots.  I did photos of his last year, so we opted to not do rollers that day, but just in case you were wondering what car he had here ya go.  Now onto the night shots with the OCF.




My first thoughts on the flash setup were WOW, these flashes are the real deal.  Essentially the size of a speedlight, these things were incredibly powerful and provided me the amount of lighting that I wouldve probably needed 3 speedlights for.  And when you read reviews on them, they are not lying when they say these bad boys recycle in 2 seconds on full power.  I opted to switch out the fresnel head in favor of the bare bulb for better light dispersion in the umbrellas.



All the shots above were achieved using a reflector and bouncing the flash rather than straight through.  The next time I decide to shoot at night, Ill give straight through a shot and see how well it works.  So far though, its looking good!  Itll take my some time to get through all the shots from this day, but im excited to see how the rest turned out.

Tomorrow I break for the windy city and Wekfest Chicago!  So be on the lookout for my next post showcasing Chitowns finest.


Thanks for dropping by!


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