24 hours in Chicago – WEKFEST-Chi Recap

I apologize for taking so long to get through my photos and to get it up here on my page.  I somehow find a way to stay extremely busy during the week, and the long memorial day weekend was the same.  But alas, I have finally edited what I hope is probably the last picture in my batch from Wekfest.

I enjoy car shows, but Wekfest I particularly enjoy because of how it draws people from near and far to showcase their cars.  Large groups like Vaded Mob and NvUs come from all over as well as people who arent tied to any particular team.  The variety of vehicles showcased at the event is mind blowing.  For anyone thinking that it is strictly an import show, it isnt, and the Wekfest group does a great job at selecting those who apply.

I counted down the days as the week went on until I would leave for the show.  Being right around 6 hours outside of Chicago meant I wanted to hit the road early, however due to work constraints it meant I wouldnt be able to leave until Saturday morning.  As the day arrived I eagerly waited for my ride, and at 930 we were off.  The trip went rather quickly (or so I thought) just because ive made the same drive dozens of times before.  With the weather forecast saying possibility of rain all weekend, I was a little bummed but still excited to be going anyways.  There were so many auto events going on this weekend, so as we passed through the Wisconsin Dells area, we saw many a car headed to Automotion, which only served to make me more eager for Wekfest.  I think its something about not having a race car to tinker around with at the moment that makes my adrenaline pump even more, but Ill hopefully address that in the near future.


As we got into Chicago we stopped for a bite at one of my favorite burger joints, shopped for some liquor at a massive store called Binnys, and then checked into our hotel and began exploring.  The cool thing about Chicago is theres always something neat to see, and take pictures of.


The weather in Chicago wasnt the greatest, but it didnt stop me from getting out and snapping pictures.  Thankfully it wasnt that cold (which was fortunate because I forgot shoes and only had flipflops), and I was happy it wasnt raining torrents like last year for Wekfest weekend.  So I definitely made the most of it.  One place I really wanted to walk around was Maggie Daley park, a 20 acre public park right in the heart of downtown next to Lake Michigan. Despite it looking gloomy, there were still quite a bit of people out and about the park.  It was a nice change from visiting the bean, which was crowded as usual.




The park was full of adults looking for a place to relax and stretch as well as kids needing to burn some energy.  The vibrant colors of the park made for some great pictures!


As the night went on, a fog settled over the city making for more great pictures.


The next day we woke up, grabbed a bite in China town and then headed over to Navy Pier for the show.  It was on and off rain which was great for my shoeless feet, but ive been through worse.  I havent actually been inside Navy Pier before, so I was surprised at how large it was.  I didnt even realize there was a venue there.  Thankfully the show wasnt outside.  Heading to the showroom we were greeted by a couple of long lines, which made me happy I purchased the VIP tickets, which allowed us to get by a tad quicker.


As always, the show was packed.  The entire venue filled with cars and music flooding the spaces in between.  I wasted no time snapping away.




As I said before, Wekfest Chicago is a great showcase of the best the Midwest scene has to offer.  I was greeted by jaw dropping builds with insane attention to detail that made me going back for more as I walked through the aisles.  Local vendors and clubs were spaced out within the showroom and owners of the vehicles sitting near by.  I managed to grab up a sweatshirt and hat courtesy of Touge Factory.


I literally couldve spent all day walking the show and speaking with people.  One of the greatest thing for me about these shows and meets is the opportunity to revisit with familiar faces while speaking to new people about common interests.  Meeting some of the people from Touge Factory was great, and seeing some of the vehicles they brought along told me they meant business!  Ill quit rambling on and let you see how awesome of a show this was for yourselves.


I wanted to give a special shout out to the TYC crew representing a combination of MN and Wisconsin.  Adam (owner of TYC Photography) is someone ive known in the car scene for over a decade.  His s2000 is absolutely immaculate and the crew that came representing TYC all had jaw dropping vehicles (not all vehicles pictured)



Its great to see local folks killing the scene out there, always raising the bar each year even if just a bit.  My photos truly do not do the cars justice.

After making several laps around the showroom we finally decided to call it a day and hit the road in order to make it back to MN in a decent amount of time.  While the car drive didnt feel as long as it did, sitting 6 hours in a vehicle only allows you so much to do.  So here are a few random snaps of the trip back.  Until next time!  Thanks for reading.



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