Cleanest 8th Gen in MN

Thats the title im giving it because I have yet to see a cleaner one, though my attendance at local shows has been somewhat scarce.. but I challenge anyone to prove me wrong.  Nick messaged me to set up a shoot with this beauty and I gladly obliged.  What you see here are the results!


Coming from an 8th gen civic myself made it easy to appreciate this machine.  Nick obviously keeps this thing in pristine condition.  Things such as the wheels, paint, and interior are all spotless and conditioned to something similar to what a car would roll off the showroom floor like.  Im. Not. Exaggerating.  Each modification on this civic comes together to form something just seems to work.


You might not expect it though, as this beast takes on double duty as a show car and race car.  Its kind of nice in my opinion to see vehicles like this used for recreational purposes aside from hard parking (no offense if thats your thing).  I think thats a rare aspect of tuners these days, which makes these cars all that more fun to photograph.



The interior of this vehicle is mimics the outside in how clean it is.  Its obvious Nick is particular about how his vehicles condition is.  I dont think I found a single blemish.  Every now and then in some cars youll find evidence of rubbing on one of the panels, maybe a torn seat, or just regular wear on the items you use routinely, shift knobs, pedals steering wheel.  However, this vehicle seemed to be the exception.



Stopping power for the k20z in the engine bay is provided by a set of brembo brakes and yokohama tires mounted on Volk Racing ZE40 wheels finished off in the classic time attack color scheme.  I didnt really know what to think of the ZE40s when they first came out, but I have to say theyre really growing on me.  Especially in the matte blue color they come in.  And I dont really know anyone who wouldnt like a set of brembos or some sort of big brake kit on their car.  This combination is definitely a great example of function meeting form.


From speaking with Nick during the shoot, it sounds like this car is definitely going to evolve down the road.  I look forward to following the build of this civic, and you can too on instagram by searching @canucklehead64 or through me @alphadigital_


Thanks for stopping by!


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