Neck Snapper

Rochester isnt really a big city, so chances are, when you see a clean car and the owner actually drives it, youll probably see it again.

I first saw Kyles car a couple years back (or was it one year?) at our local July 4th show.  Back then it was on air however the wheels were gram lights instead of the current Works.  Regardless, this thing still turned heads and snapped my neck on many occasions.


Growing up, Evos and STIs were always a couple of my favorites and quite honestly they still are.  Ill admit, at first, when the new body style debuted on the 2015s I wasnt sure how to feel.  After getting an up close and personal look at Kyles car, my already swaying thoughts were solidified.  I love every bit about these new Wrxs, STI included..


This car is the definition of flawless, and its very clear that the vehicle is meticulously maintained.  All the parts, from the suspension to the limited hyper blue color flow seamlessly.  With the turn of the key the EJ roars to life, emitting the classic growl the STIs are so famous for.


While im a big Rays wheel fan, I have to admit, the wheels on the car right now complement it better than the gram lights did.


One of the biggest improvements to the wrx lineup in my opinion is the interior.  I almost loathe the interior of the GD bodystyle, from its tacky blue interior to its plain speedometer.  For me, it just didnt do it.  Fast forward to the GR generation and the interior to me got much more sophisticated.  The dash looked much better, and the seats were a just a slight improvement.  However, on the latest model I have to say, Subaru hit it out the ballpark.  The interior looks much more sophisticated and techy and not so cheap now.  The seat bolsters actually seem to be there!


This shoot was one of my favs. yet, and as I look toward picking up a new daily driver to have fun with, this STI definitely put the imprezas on my radar.


Thanks for reading!


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