Fall Updates

These last couple of months have gone by quick for me and now look, its already fall.  Each week since the beginning of September has been incredibly busy for me, from work to shoots on the weekend and homework at midnight.  But I do my best to make sure all the shots I take are processed and sent out in a reasonable amount of time!  I actually got a full nights *restful sleep last night so here I am, kicking it in front of a screen and writing.  Shoots are winding down for the month, and im not quite sure what I have left for the year, but here are some shots from the shoots I have been busy with!


What can I say about this car aside from it gives me nostalgic memories from when I had my own 335i, except mine was an E90 and not an F30.  The all too familiar chime when you open the door brings a smile to my face.


That smile instantly turned into a grin when the owner showed me the cars launch capabilities.  Ive got to say that from a dig, this thing hauls some serious ass especially for a daily with all of its creature comforts.  Id gladly take one of these over some 800hp stripped interior vehicle thats had to sacrifice its AC and PS to make space for a massive turbo and an exhaust thats so loud you cant even have a normal conversation.  (Edit 11/10/18 – I find my comment absolutely hilarious because I love the redrum vette and that thing is so loud with a massive turbo and exhaust >:D )335i-8889335i-8852335i-8909

Im not too sure whats in the future for this car as the owner wants to sell it, but id imagine whoever decides to buy it would be getting a car that can really do it all.  I think these F30s are a great alternative to the F80 M3, which I also love and also cant afford, but hey a guy can dream right?



My first official shoot to bring in the fall season was of this Saab 9-5 Aero.  Its not everyday for me that you see a done up Saab and probably for good reason.  Parts are somewhat difficult to come by.  But that makes it all the more sweeter when you can get a successful mod to work right?


Such is the case for these retrofitted Brembo brakes that look oh so good sitting behind the AG wheels.  Clearance is tight, but it works, and the car pulls it off with style.



Looking forward to seeing this heavy hitter come out next year, hopefully with a bigger spinny thing that sits under the hood.

With the end of the season winding down, im looking forward to more portrait work and planning for a big 2019 season.  There are so many things on my wish list that I want to get nailed down for 2019 so ive got to get planning now.  But trust me, itll be worthwhile, and if youre shooting with me in the Rochester area, youre gonna love it.



– Alex



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