Red Rum

I never used to be a huge American car fan growing up.  Embarrassingly, I was the typical import or bust kid.  But just like my taste in music changed from hanging out with friends who were big friends of bands like Slayer, Metallica, Led Zepplin etc, so did my taste in cars.  The friends I had owned vehicles from Honda Civics to Corvettes and naturally, I began to appreciate domestic cars as much as I did imports.  This couldnt be more true of me today, as my entire garage is composed of Fords (dont worry, and import will find its way in there at some point), and as I contemplate future vehicles I wont say that I havent included Corvettes on that list of possibilities.  ANYWAY, shooting this car definitely has piqued my interests in Vettes.


While im not at liberty to disclose modifications, viewers need only know that this thing is or rather will be FAST.  Having experienced the current limited capabilities of this vehicle assures me of this.


When I look at cars and think about something that is bang for the buck, that is, aesthetically appealing with the speed to match the looks, Vettes are definitely on my list.  With C6 prices dropping its hard to argue that Vettes arent bang for buck.  Ive seen grand sports dropping into the high 20’s in some cases and it really makes me consider picking one up down the road.  Comparing them with other vehicles of similar power, drivetrain layout, and pricepoint makes gunning for anything but a vette a hard arguement.  I like GT500s but theyre quite a bit heavier and the interior has never appealed to me.  E90 M3?  Hell yes!  Rod bearing and throttle body replacements?  Ill pass.  Civic Type R?  Ill never pay that much for a civic lets be honest.  No Porsche I like will ever fall into this price range.  GTR?  Ill pass on the transmission fluid price and bell housing and transmission quirks.  While my knowledge of GMs is limited, the LS3 seems incredibly capable and a fun option in comparison to the more expensive Z06 (and with less valve problems), but I digress.  This red FRC would certainly wipe the floor in a straight line with all these options.


The rawness of the vehicle and the rumble from the V8 draws out every primal feeling in my body replacing any sense of practicality I have with the need to drive and own something like this no matter how impractical it might be.  Who cares if I cant have a conversation with the person next to me without needing to raise my voice, the engine is all I need to hear.  Soft suspension?  Not needed so long as I can hook at a moments notice.  Whats pump gas?  I only smell corn.


Hopefully when it comes time to pull the trigger on a fun car saner thoughts will prevail.  But if they dont, Im not certain I would regret it if I ended up with something like this.


Its awesome how modern these Corvettes still look in 2018 (the C5 specifically).  The only telltale sign this car would give you that its highly modded is perhaps the carbon hood, unique license plate, or that deathly rumble you would hear at a stoplight.  Im happy I got to experience the car when I did as the season is drawing to a close soon, if not already.  I cant wait for whats in store for this thing in 2019, its going to be killer.


Thanks for reading!


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