Tuner Cult is Hot Garbage – Change My Mind (and other updates)

I seem to have stumbled upon some free time which is a rare commodity these days.  When i’m not neck deep in dirty diapers, house chores, watching Haunting of Hill House (which you should seriously be watching) or behind a lens, I can usually be found in mind numbing excel sheets plastered in numbers I really dont give a shit about.  But at last, I have a few free minutes to update the site and type up something for people who actually check back here.

So what do I do with my free time?  Give this site a quick refresher.  I like change, so I decided to go with a different design.

I am currently buttoning up the last few edits of my latest shoot, which I expect might be one of the lasts for the year (yeah yeah ive said it before).  Heres a preview


Looking forward to trying to shoot one more car before the end of the year, and if it all works out it should be great, but ill release details on that later.

Disclaimer : My opinion on Tuner Cult is solely my opinion based upon the experience and service I received when placing an order with them.

As far as Tuner Cult goes, its a pretty simple issue.  I placed and order, they took my money, they never shipped my stuff.  I got a couple different reasons why my order didnt ship within a decent amount of time but after unanswered calls and two weeks I threw in the towel.  I did some research and found out that this is pretty par for the course for Tuner Cult.  After commenting on their picture about their issues with shipping out ordered I was promptly blocked and thats that.  I guess the part that bothers me is my order literally was for a few pieces of clothing.  What was so hard about packing it up and shipping it out?  Short handed?  hire someone, bring in a friend, or put in the extra hours.  Backordered stuff?  Cool, send me an email, communicate with me and let me know, thats all it wouldve taken.  I dont know how lazy you have to be to suck this much at your job but it sounds like Tuner Cult might just be that.  Ill gladly give my business to other places.  If you had better luck than I did, hats off to you, you probably won the lottery or should go buy some tickets.  Until they improve their services I probably wont be back, which sucks, because I really enjoyed their designs, but oh well.

As a photographer, I bust my ass to make sure my shots are edited and sent out within a reasonable amount of time.  Thats on top of my family life, school life, and work life.  If for whatever reason something is delayed, Im always making sure my clients know whats up, I try not to leave anyone in the dark about anything.

Anyways I look forward to posting up some new content in the near future so check back!


– Alex

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