End of an Era?

No, not an end of the era for a model, but more along the lines of “end of an era” specifically for this NSX.  People in the car scene (especially in Rochester) likely know Travis.  What’s more likely, is people know this NSX and for good reason.  This thing is cleaner than your girls Louboutin red bottoms sitting in the closet waiting for that night out you promised her.


What on earth might prompt the owner to get rid of an NSX as clean as this one?!  Its madness!  The immaculate condition of the paint alone is enough to snap necks wherever this car goes.  And if your neck didn’t snap from the looks, it surely would once you heard the growl of the pride exhaust as the naturally aspirated 3.2L V6 cuts through the streets.


The New Sportscar eXperimental design from Honda which debuted in 1990 was truly the epitome of the Japanese supercar.  With the intentions of developing a vehicle to compete with other supercars on the market, Honda went through designs and tests, with racing legend Aryton Senna even lending a hand, resulting in the sleek and timeless looking vehicle you see today.  And I definitely have to agree, the NSX even in its NA1 form looks better than the majority of vehicles you may see on the market today.


The sleek design of the exterior powered by a mid engine V6 was something people didnt see a lot of in Japan.  Most of the vehicles in the same class of the NSX, such as the GTR, Supra, 3000GT, and more were powered by twin turbo I6s which made the same amount of power, but likely didnt pack the same punch off the line as the NA V6.  They didn’t even give off a remotely similar vibe of exoticness that the NSX does.  Paired with the F1 inspired cockpit, the NSX was truly a drivers car capable of making Ferrari owners sweat on the track at a fraction of the price.  And with the NA2 revision, Honda hit it out of the ballpark. But enough about the history of the NSX.  This NSX wasn’t built for outrunning Ferraris on Rochester streets or paying homage to its designers.  It was built for grins for anyone behind the wheel and jaw dropping awesomeness for anyone fortunate enough to catch a glimpse of it on the road or at a show.


I first met Travis through a mutual friend who helped me get in contact so I could take pictures of this Japanese unicorn.  Back then, the car was mostly in stock form but as you could see, that didnt last very long.


As you can see, unlike my photos, Travis’s NSX has come a long way with several aero additions, front and rear big brakes, and beautiful Advan wheels.  The car sat so incredibly low, I have no clue how the front lip didn’t get demolished to be honest.  My spoon carbon lip for my integra didn’t last as long as I wanted it to, but hey, I was much younger, and a lot more stupid when it came to driving that car around but that’s a story for another day.




Another remarkable aspect of this car was the low miles that it had on it.


As you can see from the interior, at the time of these shots, this car only had 17 thousand miles on it.  Some people might scowl at the mileage arguing that vehicles like this weren’t made to sit in garages, but they probably need to remember that it costs $0 to worry about themselves.  It’s rare that a vehicle like this gets treated and preserved the way Travis did with his NSX.


The interior of this car was so clean.  There was not a single blemish in sight.  I would go as far as to say that the seats likely had never even been farted on.  Yes. That clean.  I had never sat in an NSX much less ridden in one, but I can definitely say that it was a wonderful experience.


What’s that saying though?  About good things and how they all come to an end?  After a good run with this vehicle I am sad to say that it no longer resides in Travis’s garage, instead you can find it here for what I can say will likely be a short amount of time at Morries Luxury Auto




While it is a bit depressing knowing that I likely won’t be seeing this roam the streets locally any time soon, its nice to know that Travis has replaced the car with something equally as cool.  As a fellow car enthusiast I can somewhat relate.  When you finish a project or create something that is your vision, you paint the entire canvas.  While you can paint new designs over it, sometimes starting on a fresh one is just what the doctor ordered.  I won’t pretend to know why Travis decided to trade in this car, but I do know one thing.  When one journey comes to an end, new ones begin, and I look forward to his plans on the horizon for the new monster occupying his garage space.

For more photos of this NSX feel free to follow my IG – @AlphaDigital_

Thanks for reading.


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