Master Chief F150

Now that the semester for class is winding down and break is on the horizon hopefully Ill have more time to put into actually posting on this site.

Randomly I got a text from a friend to shoot a custom truck his dealership put together.  I wasted no time responding and getting my stuff together!



Having my own F150 as well, albeit a 2013, it was interesting to see the differences between the two trucks, essentially one generation apart.  For some reason, I think the interior on the new F150s are more spacious, but that could just all be in my head.


Ripping through the snow was easy on these method wheels paired with Toyo Open Country tires with a modest 33 inch sidewall.  And when things got slick, the 4wd had zero problems.

When I had these pictures posted on Instagram, someone quickly pointed out how the matte green wrap job reminded them of Halo and Master Chief (hence the title), and a wave of nostalgia poured over me.  I agree, this truck really does have a Master Chief-esque look to it, might as well call it a warthog.


This truck was paired with the 5.0L V8, and I had yet to ride in one since mine is an ecoboost.  The linearity and predictability of the power is somewhat nice compared to the turbochargers and to be completely honest, if I get another truck, which I likely will, it will definitely be a V8.  The ecoboost is nice, the gas mileage is nice, and it can tow A LOT, however, the motor is cumbersome and demands to be pampered.  The constant fear of timing chain slapping and bad plugs resonates in my mind as the mileage creeps up on my truck.


One feature on this truck I actually think is cool is the ability to lock and unlock the bed with the key fob.  I think that would really come in handy when im too lazy to physically put the key in and turn it, which is actually all the time.


Overall, this is a pretty snazzy truck that you can take home with you from Rochester Ford here in Minnesota.  If you are interested, its on the showroom floor!  Tell em I sent ya!

– Alex


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