Automotive Shop Feature- Platinum Auto Wraps

Happy Sunday to anyone willing to spend a few minutes of their time reading the regurgitation of thoughts onto this blog.  At 9 am on a Sunday, my mind is just getting accustomed to the screaming and crying of the day produced by my two little girls.  As I silently drink this coffee containing the last precious drops of my coffee creamer I remember that I have something cool to write about today!

So, this post is titled “Automotive Shop Feature- Platinum Mn” and is done so with the hopes that down the road, I can continue more “Automotive Shop” Features for each shop that I visit.  These are shops that I decide to visit on my own, I have no affiliation or monetary gain from visiting and writing about these shops whatsoever.  So without further ado, here is my first feature from my quick trip to Platinum Automotive Wraps.

Tucked away on the backside of a building in New Brighton Minnesota, Platinum Auto Wraps is a shop specializing in tint, wraps, clear bras, ceramic coating, and more.  If you follow them on Instagram, you’ll find that they are incredibly active constantly sharing all the projects they do in their shop.



I personally learned of Platinum through Instagram but I was already aware of Tint Pros Mn through friends in the car scene who had gotten work done there (both are operated out of the same building and owned by the same person iirc).

After a while of seeing some of the cool projects they do I decided to shoot them a message to see if I could come up and snag some photos of the shop, to which they graciously accepted.


Upon arriving at the shop (which I drove by on accident once), you are greeted with a giant poster of this 991 and a Tesla charger (conveniently cut out) to the left.


Walking into the shop and you see these guys are serious about what they do.  Various brochures, certifications, trophies and more can be seen placed throughout.  Within seconds of entering we were greeted by one of the shops employees who was more than willing to show us around.


While the shop was fairly empty, the few cars that were there getting worked on were more than enough to occupy our time and wow us at the same time.  If you follow Platinum on IG, you’ll see that they work with a lot of Tesla automobiles.



I don’t know much about Teslas, but this P100d below was pretty cool and I think its the same Tesla model that 1320 featured trolling muscle cars on their Youtube channel.  While i’m not a big electric car fanatic, I can respect that haha.


In the new section of their shop was this Ferrari getting a custom wrap done to it.  I have to say that the metallic red wrap looked great, and I can’t wait to see the finished product.


One thing I noticed while walking through the shop was that the floor was covered in what I think were Swisstrax flooring or something similar.  These tiles looked incredibly durable and a great alternative to surface coatings.  Down the road, I may have to do more research on these.  My only issue is what I would do if I had liquid pooling under them from changing out fluids or something that but anyways..


This 991 was in getting a wrap job done on it and I got to say, I have a certain appreciation for people that can wrap anything, and do it well.  The amount of dedication and patience required for wrapping an entire vehicle is out of this world.  For someone that can barely focus on writing this blog, I honestly have a lot of respect for people who can do anything that requires a large amount of time and concentration.


All in all, it was cool to see and learn a little bit about the shop and what they do.  I was told in the future about the possibilities of events they may host or attend and I definitely look forward to those.  Having seen some of their work in person at shows has me excited for some of the other vehicles they work on, and I would definitely consider them if I decide to wrap or tint any vehicles I get down the road.

Follow them on IG @Platinum_MN to see their projects and me @AlphaDigital_ for more Automotive Shop Features and other content!

Platinum Auto Wraps

Address445 Old Highway 8 NW, Suite B3, New Brighton, MN 55112



Thanks for reading!











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