Snowed In – February in Review

Its March, but this post is about February and how badly it has gone weather-wise!

Having received the most amount of snow in one month ever this year and more than last year combined has really put a damper on shooting.  Outdoors anyways.

If you dont believe me, peep the shot below.


The snow is piled up higher than the nose of my F150, yikes.  Thankfully, this week we’re looking at weather north of 30, so hopefully we can get some of this stuff melted away, or ill be underwater by this summer.  I owe everything this winter to Briggs and Stratton and their awesome snowblower.



Aside from a massive amount of shoveling and snowblowing this month, I did get a few chances to use my camera.  Firstly, shooting Social Ice, a Rochester Ice bar that comes about once a year.  If its one thing that we can all rely on regardless of the weather, its that people will drink.

Social Ice-208

This year I got to hang out with the fine folks at Dooley’s Pub, and they were kind enough to share some of their heat with my freezing hands.  Despite how cold it was, I enjoyed being out there.  Hopefully next year its a bit warmer.  Dooley’s by far had my favorite bar design, which was designed after the movie Coco.

Social Ice-51

Later that night I came back to grab shots of the music that was going on downtown.  I have to say I was pretty surprised by the turnout despite single digit temps.  It made for some great pictures.  Evidently, one of my shots won me a gift card from Rochester Downtown Alliance, which was really cool.

Social Ice-449

Shortly after leaving the ice bar I headed to The Loop to warm up and snap some shots for a longtime friend and his newly rebranded company called Aventi Entertainment.  It has always been a personal goal of mine to do more music photography, and I thought this would be a great chance to start.

Social Ice-119

One of the co-founders of the company has been a longtime friend of mine back from my good ol BMX days.  Getting the shots was a fun experience, in hindsight, I think the number one thing I would bring with me next time is a set of ear plugs.

Social Ice-103.JPG

For situations like this, where I stood directly in front of the speaker to get this shot.  #WORTHIT

Would I do it again?  – Yes – In a heartbeat.

Social Ice-301

Lastly, I got the chance to once again work with Rochester Autosports to document their build of a Gt350 for a customer of theirs.

350r-10The customer wanted more power, so in went a whipple supercharger and some lowering springs for some added aesthetics.


I have to say that if I were ever going to own a mustang or mustang-like vehicle, the Shelby GT350 has won me over.  Aesthetics and power to boot.  The flat plane v8 sounds absolutely amazing.


Amped Audio got to work some of their magic on this car also, providing a nice little setup to provide that extra bump of bass.


Spot this Gt350 headed into a crowd near you this summer.


All in all, its actually been a good month despite all the snow.  Now we wait for this all to thaw out.


Until then, thanks for checking this out!

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