Its Springtime!

Its spring! Or so I thought!  As I left to take some pictures at sunrise this weekend, the temperature reading on my truck said 24 degrees. Yikes.  And it didnt get better from there.

Frozen fingers coupled with a busy road made for some interesting encounters and hassles I wanted to avoid by shooting at sunrise.  For whatever reason, an event was taking place downtown at that time and people were rolling in from every angle to park their vehicles.

Nevertheless I got a few shots in but will more than likely need another session to do what I want.  Super excited for this car season, here are a few shots from this weekend.  Big things going down this 2019.


Thank you to these guys who were up at the butt crack of dawn to help me knock the rust off my camera from this winter!  And if you dont like the civic being flanked by the two exotic cars I dont care.


Victors car was as clean as I remember it being!


And Ben’s 911 never gets old.


The nice surprise for the day was seeing Travis’s new Audi R8 coming out a month earlier than I expected.  If you can recall the NSX I shot last year and my post about it from last year as well, the R8 is Travis’s new upgrade (photo below for reference).


Apparently this beauty will be out roaming the roads in LA, not in the same form however, but keep your eyes peeled!


The R8 is a worthy upgrade from the Nsx and the sound of the V10 bouncing off the buildings as we roamed downtown was a symphony to my ears.

As I said before, im super excited for this car season.  Im ready to shoot, meet new people, and see some nice cars!  We are almost 1 month out from Wekfest Chicago, which I looking forward to as well!

See ya soon and thanks for stopping by!

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