Wekfest Chicago 2019

Holy cow, is this what free time feels like?  Maybe not since i’m literally writing this at midnight (and finishing this article off days later…)  How I can even muster the energy at this time of night anymore is beyond me, but still, here I am.

I’ve actually been done with all my photos weeks ago, however with life and school, time to actually sit down and collect my thoughts has been rather sparse.

But where were we?  Wekfest?  Yes, for like the 3rd or 4th year in a row, I cant seem to remember how many, but I do remember how much I enjoy my trips down to Chicago for the weekend to enjoy cars and time with friends.


The intention for the weekend was to leave Saturday morning, hit up Automotion, mingle, and then meander our way into Chicago for Wekfest the next day.  Unfortunately due to the shit weather, we decided to forego Automotion and head to Chi.  But hey, we tried.

Like literally, we rolled into the Dells, pulled into a gas station that was packed with all sorts of cars.  There was really no space.  Weather was in the high fucking 40s.  That coupled with the rain made for a miserable 30 minutes.  So off we were.

We seemed to beat the rain on the way there, but once we got stuck in traffic in downtown Chicago it came down for a good amount of time.  Eventually the skies cleared up and a weird fog settled over the city which made for some cool pics.

We grabbed a bite and wandered around the city for a bit, eventually ending up at Navy Pier.


What looked like it would take 15 minutes ended up taking us like double or triple the amount of time because we ended up getting lost on the way there.


But once we got there I was able to snap some more pictures of the city with the fog.


And of course, I had to leave a little bit of AlphaDigital behind 🙂


After a bit more of wandering around, almost getting left behind by our Uber, and taking a picture of this random dude that posed for me, we decided to chill before later night festivities that arent anymore relevant to this post than the photos ive posted so far.


Our room for the weekend was the building on the right, with some of the shadiest elevators ive had the pleasure of riding on.


I ended up waking up before everyone at like 7 in the morning since thats the time I usually wake up.  Since nobody else was up yet, I decided to grab my camera and head out shooting.  I tried to get a nice pic of the sun coming up over lake Michigan, but my landscape photography skills really suck, so none of them turned out well.  But I caught some cars headed to Navy Pier for the show as I was headed back to my room, so I got some photos of those instead.


As usual, the line to the show was long but well worth the wait.  Entering the show gave me the jitters from the excitement of seeing some cool cars.  I was happy to see that there were the usual cars from each year that were there, and seeing the progression on them was nice.  I was also happy to see cars I wasnt familiar with from previous shows there as well, which included a small handful of BRZ and FRSs.


This bagged and boosted BRZ was definitely one of my favorites…



The wheels and Brembo brakes went together perfectly.


I feel as if the turbo kit on this thing was the cherry on top.  Everything looked nice and this car was definitely well rounded, and was making some pretty good power to boot!


This FRS definitely had a lot going on, and its build is a stark contrast to the BRZ above, but I think it pulls it off nicely.  Seeing the supercharger on it was a pleasant surprise too.  wek19-338wek19-344Wek19-17

This white BRZ did it for me though, the overall stance with the works and BBK made it look great, and I am a big white car fan!  I didnt expect anything less from a car with the NVUS group.  As usual, they came out hard with a bunch of jaw dropping cars.


Walking through the show, I got a chance to check out multiple vendors.  Some of whom I had seen before like Touge Factory, Rohana, Rotiform, etc.  However the one thing they lacked was a racoon, like the one at the Slammed Enuff booth.

I dont know how they got that thing past officials or inspection or whatever, but it definitely made for an interesting time haha.


I definitely never get tired of seeing Hondas with K swaps in them, especially ones with turbo K swaps..


I think this car took home a trophy last year, not sure on this year, but I wouldnt be surprised if it won something.  The engine bay and overall build was immaculate.  I loved the piping for the cold side on the turbo, including all the pie cuts and Vibrant Vanjens.  So. Much. Drool.


The same can be said for Dons turbo K swapped EK, which I believe took home some hardware from the show.  Follow him on IG @EkDon


Dons EK is another example of a crazy build, with an obvious shit ton of hours put into it.


Spotted the Sheepey hardware on it.  Its really cool to see what Alex is working on now at his shop, making twin turbo kits for R8s and Lambos.  When I was building my integra, I remember seeing his turbo DC2 online and in magazines and just drooling over it.  Its great to see how far hes come with his work and I definitely look forward to seeing more Sheepey parts on clean cars like Dons.


I can say the same thing about a B series as  I did with the K.  Its almost rare to come across a nicely built B series in a Honda nowadays (nothing against K series guys).


Maybe its the nostalgia that gets me.  Having tinkered and built a few of my own B series,  I think makes me naturally drawn to them.  I love how awesome they are for a motor thats literally be around for decades.


Another example of a clean B series bay.


The world shouldve left Sonic the hedgehog alone.  That new animated shit is something straight out of a nightmare.



Any love for the older Vipers?  I know the new ones are sweet and all, but every now and then its nice to see these generation of Vipers.


These things are so badass!



I saw this clean Ap2 last year before the volks and I loved it.  Victor is an awesome guy and I was definitely glad to meet him.  Follow him on IG @Vortizz


Swung by the Wekfest table and snagged a T shirt before they were all gone too. 😀  As always, they had the beats going!  One of my best memories of Wekfest was walking in to “Throw Some Ds” when it was at McCormick and seeing the sheer amount of cars in the building brought a smile to my face.  Now every time I hear that song, the memory replays in my head haha



Arguably one of my personal favorite cars at the show.  This 991 Carrera had my jaw on the ground.  It was simply beautiful and well put together.  Personally for me, I prefer builds that arent over the top and this car was it.


No crazy fender flares or anything, just a sweet Carrera with perfect stance, beautiful wheels filled with gigantic brakes and some subtle exterior mods to accent the already beautiful lines of the 991.


Inside, the blood red interior brought everything together.  Porsche just has a way of knowing how to build a beautiful and sophisticated looking vehicle both inside and out.


The clear tails, duckbill, exhaust, and diffuser rounded off the ass on this thing and reminded me why I love these cars.  The exhaust note the flat 6 produces is heavenly.


Overall, I absolutely loved the show.  Each year, Wekfest Chicago is an event I look forward to, and one that im gladly willing to drive 6+ hours for.  It is one of the premier automotive events in the Midwest that brings together builds from all around.  Im already looking forward to next years Wekfest, one that I can hopefully enter a car of my own in.  Until then, peep the rest of the pics below!

For more pictures from Wekfest Chicago 2019, hit me up on Instagram @AlphaDigital_

Thanks for looking!



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