Salute to the Fourth Car Show

Another year, another Salute to the Fourth Car show and like previous years I was tasked at capturing some of the cool rides that were in attendance.



Salute is a nice event that The Commission puts together each year that lets the car community get together on 7th street right in front of the skatepark and pool.  Each year draws right around 100 cars that line the street for spectators to see, and for the most part, weather has cooperated wonderfully, save for last year when there was a monsoon that caused the show to be cancelled.


This year, crowds of cars and bikes lined the street which was under construction.  Regardless, the turnout was nice, and seeing some new cars along with some of the familiar was refreshing.  New vendors were in attendance displaying some of the great work they do, such as Sonny’s Custom Coatings and Precision Auto.


Having pretty much spent my time growing up around these guys made me happy to see they were doing what they loved.  I’ve known Sonny since my grade school years and Josh when I was modding Integras a decade ago, definitely two solid guys id hit up.


Like the years before, the turnout of bikes was small, but there were still some pretty cool ones in attendance that had me stopping and looking.

Salute (1 of 1)

Fresh this year was TYC photography’s supra that graced the show along with several other cars from the Twin Cities.  Knowing Adam, I expected nothing less than an immaculate car and boy was I not let down.  The fresh CCWs mounted on the car really gave it a nice look.  Paired with the classic lip, sideskirts, carbon diffuser, and TRD spoiler, it was no surprise to me that Adam would take home a trophy.



Under the hood was a 62mm single turbo setup with the all too familiar purple velocity stack from his S2000, or at least a similar one.  I feel like its not common to see a Supra with anything smaller than an 80mm turbo these days.  Seeing a smaller single setup is kind of nice, and I could only imagine how nice the response is.  I think this would make for a fun street setup for sure!Salute-7

CCWs never get old.


If anyone has been to shows in Minnesota, this chrome green wrapped NSX is probably familiar.  All dazzled up for the Crown Rally too!  This car is the complete package!  Mr. Pha ended up taking home a trophy with this whip, and the entire TYC crew made off with some serious hardware.  Congrats to them for sure, the amount of work and dedication to their cars paid off and it shows.


Josh’s WRX from Precision Automotive.  The gigantic FMIC gives it a menacing look!


This pair of s2000’s are owned by a father son duo whom i’ve known for quite some time.  Hoffy, owner of the AP1 has always had clean cars, and this AP is no exception.  Its really cool to see his son getting into the scene with this NFR AP2, and like his dad, the car is really clean.  Cant wait to see what he does with it in the future.


This year, Advantage Custom Paint brought out their shop truck which was freshly built this year and boy was the paint job on it sweet!  If you ever need paint or body work done, hit up my boy Victor Austin there and he’ll take care of ya!


As always, its nice to stroll through, talk with friends, and see some of the cars i’ve shot over the years.  It never gets old and always brings a smile to my face!


Overall, SunnyP, and The Commission seriously bust their ass each year setting up this event.  It’s a nice time to get out and see what the Rochester area has to offer in the car scene.  While its small compared to other communities, its definitely growing and filled with up and coming enthusiasts.  I highly recommend checking it out each year, at the very least, its a good excuse to get out of your house and see some wicked hot rods.


Thanks for stopping by and reading, stay tuned for the Wekfest Seattle post next!  That one will be a doozy.

Check out the rest of the images from Salute to the Fourth 2019 below!


As always, for more pictures and coverage of events I go to and food I eat, give me a follow on IG @Alphadigital_


– Alex



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