Wekfest Seattle Coverage Part 1.

Well its here, for those of you who care, my Wekfest Seattle coverage.  My hope is to be able to entertain the few of you who read these to help kill some time or for whatever reason, and to share my work with whoever is interested.

I knew that as soon as I decided to go to Seattle, that I should plan it around a show of some sort.  Initially, the choice was Stance-wars, so I booked my trip and hotel for that weekend but soon found out that Wekfest would also be going on.  In order to spare my wife the agony of going to two different shows, I chose the one that I knew was likely to not let me down, which was Wekfest.  And as hard of a choice as it was, it definitely proved to be worth it.


After a quick bite and beer at MSP we were off on the 3 hour flight to the pacific northwest.  As someone who has lived in the midwest all my life, almost any place is a sight worth seeing.  The PNW is beautiful to say the least.  The terrain, from the hilly countrysides to the trees and ocean.  The break from the monotony of corn fields and and farm houses was a much needed refresher.  That along with just being in a nice city aside from the one I’m used to allowed me to escape the reality of having to back to work the next week, but I regress, Seattle is a beautiful and welcoming city and I would gladly go back any day, Wekfest or not.


My wife and I made ourselves cozy the first night doing some site seeing before the show which was the following day.  We took some time to explore the area we were in, eat some good food and drinks.


Our first stop was Dukes Chowder House for dinner and the Crab Uncakes were the first thing to be devoured.  This was probably a first and a last for me, simply because while the food was really good, I just didn’t think that the pricing was on point, but hey, i’m stingy.


The 2nd place we stopped at a few hours later was a bit more up my alley.  Ba Bar in Seattle apparently had a weekend special that consisted of a moscow mule and a bowl of pho for $15, which I gladly paid.


Both were delicious and well worth the money.


While the bowl was not as big as I hoped, I imagine its the proper size bowl for your average person, or much rather, what we should all be eating portion-wise..


Everything about the bowl was delicious and easily better than 80% of the pho ive had back home.  This bowl lasted 15 minutes, and after a few more drinks we decided to call it a night.


Fast forward to the morning, we quickly located a coffee shop and made our way there for our daily brew.  Bullet Proof Coffee was the joint we decided to hit up, and on our way back, we were greeted by this gorgeous E46 M3 on HRE wheels.  I decided to drool a bit while my wife made her way back inside the room.


After a little while a friend of mine from Seattle picked us up and we headed out to a pre-Wekfest lunch at Din Tai Fung, which is a dim sum restaurant that I had never been to before.  Again, it was delicious.


The soup dumplings were great and I didnt scald my mouth due to some helpful tips given to me by some friends.


This was also my first time trying bok choy out.  Definitely something I would order again if given the chance.


Once we stuffed ourselves full of food we left the restaurant and made our way towards the show.


You could tell you were getting closer to the venue based on the cars you were seeing.  As we got closer, all sorts of modded cars were driving around.  Upon entering the parking garage there were a lot of great looking vehicles.  The garage itself could have been a separate show.  Side note: whoever thought charging $40 for parking is out of their mind rich now.  Crazy.


This Skyline that parked next to us was just one of the many examples of clean cars that probably should have been in the show itself.  I had to check this out for a moment as its kind of a rare thing to come across in my neck of the woods, but evidently not in Seattle.


While the line for the show was long, it went rather quickly.  One thing they did differently for this show was have people walk through metal detectors, which they didnt do in Chicago which was kind of interesting.  I watched a guy hold up one of the lines because of the sheer amount of video gear he had.  Im checking youtube daily to see when this block buster coverage comes out, because seriously, it was a lot.


Upon entering the show, you were greeted by multiple vendor tents and several rows of beautiful cars.  Lots of places were selling random shirts, stickers, and other gear.  Speed Factory was in attendance selling actual parts like catch cans and radiators. Cray.


The show itself had a great overall vibe.  Many people were meeting each other and catching up with old friends and some meeting new ones just based on the conversations I overheard.  Its awesome that these events can bring new and old friends back together to share that common interest, passion, and lifestyle.


There were several rows of cars, I would say that the show easily had 3-400 cars in it, all of them top notch.  We quickly picked a row and started walking.


This gorgeous F80 M3 greeted us right away in the far left row.  I don’t know about you guys, but Ive been on a bimmer kick for quite some time now.  Ever since owning my E90 335i, Ive found myself checking for different BMWs that I like on craigslist or autotrader.  The F80 M3 is just a sexy all around car.  While I’m sad they did away with the v8 that was in them, the turbo 6 seems like a really badass setup.  The stance on this thing was on point and I loved all the carbon goodies.


This STI was dead sexy.  The simplicity of the car was great.  No crazy fender mods or distracting “loud” modifications on the outside.  The overall build seemed really simple.  Lower the car, add some subtle goodies on the outside, debadge/desticker it, and throw some CCW wheels on it.. and BAM, Emeril Lagasse would be proud.


The CCW classic wheels are a personal favorite of mine and look perfect on just about any car.


While Ive had my neck broken at car shows many times, especially at Wekfest, this particular Porsche broke my neck in a special way that would make Linda Blair’s character from The Exorcist cringe.  You had to be there to appreciate it, but the paint and body was so pristine.


The overall stance of the car was perfect.  Everything went together so well it had me drooling, which is something I dont really do with older Porsches often.  It was pretty evident that this thing was well taken care of.


Ask my friends, lately ive had something about the BRZ intrigue me.  They’ve grown on me considerably ever since I sat in one at the TC Autoshow in Minneapolis this winter.  I don’t know what it is about them, but I think they look great, and the new FA20 that are finding their way in to Subaru’s are really appealing to me over the EJ platform.


This clean WRB BRZ was just one of many in the show and an example of how a BRZ can look clean without the ridiculous RB kit, sorry for the unpopular opinion.


This WRX (above) immediately made me think of the one below from the Chicago Wekfest.  Really cool to see the difference in builds from two different people from different regions in the U.S.  While I wouldn’t expect their builds to vary that much within 1500 miles of each other, its still cool to see.


An R32 with some dished out wheels.


This was one crazy unique RSX.  The wide body on it is something I would never do personally, but fit well with the overall build of the car, which looked aggressive AF in person.  Its not every day you see an RSX with rear wheels this wide and a center exit exhaust.  This car may not have been everyone’s cup of tea, but I bet you most people did a double take looking at it.


What kind of show would be complete without a Supra?


As you can tell by the plate, the Supra looks to be from Canada which I think is great.  Being able to have people from Canada attend shows down in the U.S is awesome for variety, as Canada seems to be able to get much cooler cars than us.


Below was a pretty slick looking Datsun with its hood chopped up to accommodate the ITBs under the hood.


Another 86 with the ever popular Work CR-KAI wheels.


Surprisingly, I did not see as many Takata harnesses around the show.  I did see quite a bit of Willans and Crow harnesses though.  Maybe my mind is playing tricks one me.  Either way, they all look great.



Beautiful S14 with awesome wheel fitment.  I have always loved these cars, and certainly never get tired of seeing them!




Well thats its for part 1 of my Wekfest Seattle coverage.  Stay tuned this weekend for part 2 and many more photos!

As always, for more pictures hit me up on IG @AlphaDigital_


Thanks for reading!




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