Wekfest Seattle Coverage Part 2.

Happy Sunday.  The weather we have been getting in MN is absolutely nuts.  It literally went from like 100 degrees and 2000% humidity to mid 60s and completely clear all within 24 hours.  I just don’t get it.  Why the weather is more bipolar than an ex girlfriend and why the hell I live in this state.

Had some crazy storms here yesterday too, taking out power, and forcing me to buy a generator.  I’m still scratching my head as to why I’m here.  Was going to try and hit up the Pearl Street Brewery show yesterday in LaCrosse Wisconsin, but unfortunately they got some nasty weather too.  So instead, I did nothing.  But hey! Here I am, following up on Wekfest Seattle.

So where were we?

Ah yessss, the first row was literally all I got through so here we go.


People are getting more and more creative with how they display some stuff in the show now.  Take this accord for example.  Its got some sake stuff with a cool Goku looking action figure in the middle.  Do people utilize these things outside of shows by chance?  Like do they go to a parking lot in the evening, bust open their trunk and have some sake?  Do they have it cold?  Or do they have a Bunsen Burner sitting around with a can of gas to warm the sake up with?  These are questions that need to be asked.  But anyways, some folks get really creative with their displays and most are cool, some are head scratchers. This one is cool.


Walking down row 2 yielded a lot of S2000s and GTRs.  A lot of great looking cars in this row as I am a big fan of both the S2ks and GTRs.  I’ve always wanted an S and will probably have one sometime, but I have to say, these things seem to be holding their value pretty well.  It’s not hard to come across something like an AP1 or 2 with a shit ton of mileage and ruined fenders for like 10k, but those aren’t what I’m interested in.  Maybe someday I’ll find a clean unmolested AP2 to take home, but enough of my rambling.


There were a lot of Volks at this show, a TON of them.  How the hell do people find the money to pay for these things?  Maybe it’s just that I’m horrible with my money and if I saved some I could have a set of my own.  I did own one set though, bronze TE37s for my Integra, and they were beautiful.  So in the sea of Volks in the show, seeing a set of Mugen MF10s was refreshing.


Do they still call these intakes the whale penis?  Nice and clean bay on this S and I’m loving the purple accents.


New Formula Red has always been a favorite color of mine when it came to S2ks.  Back in the day, I almost pulled the trigger on a super clean NFR AP1 locally on Work XD9s, and I really wish I did.  I think this S has an Amuse bumper on it, which I think is a good choice compared to some of the other ones you can get.  I enjoy the Amuse option along with ASM.  Seeing this picture now, I wonder if something happened in the engine bay, because the underside of that hood looks like it has seen better days.


Fitment-wise, this thing was on point.  I’m not a big fan of too much poke, although a little bit really makes a car looks mean.  But the CE28s, Spoon calipers, and slotted rotors all go together well, it’s a classic setup in my opinion.  The ZEs on the yellow AP2 in the background a sweet too.


Rounding off the build is what looks to be a Kraftwerks supercharger and carbon fiber goodies.  Super clean car all around.


Clean fitment with the Volks and Rays lugs(?).  I love this car.


This GTR was crazy, the wheel/brake combo made the entire thing looks so mean!


A closer look at the wheel…


Love the wheel and color choice on this GTR.  I think there’s something about the copper/zinc look on some wheels I’m seeing these days that makes me really dig it.  I don’t think Ive seen too many GTRs rocking these Work CR Kai wheels.


If anyone here is familiar with @Doczilla12 on IG, then you should be familiar with some of the sick cars he has.  This GTR is one of them, and my favorite GTR (35) of the show.  The color of it was amazing, and while i’m not usually a big fan of lighter blue colors, this car definitely pulled it off.


The Copper/Zinc HRE wheels completed the entire look.  Phantasy Kolors did such great work with this thing, and the entire F7lthy team had sick rides.


Trunk on the GTR.  Loved the look and execution, the custom carbon was great.


Full shot of the rear.


Classic Bride/Takata combo and a sweet looking roll cage.


These HRE S101 wheels start at $2300 A PIECE.  I dont even want to know what the coating on it cost to give it that sick look.


More wheel porn.


Another widebody GTR in the mix.


At this point in time, I began to shoot sparingly because the battery on my camera had begun to die, and my spare was in the car.  I was panicking because I did not know whether or not Wekfest allowed re-entry, but thankfully they did.  Unfortunately , I think I forgot to swing back through and get some front shots of some of these cars.  So that’s why they’re missing unfortunately.  But here is another Doczilla creation.


This NSX was wild.  The first NSX I have had the pleasure of checking out with a Liberty Walk Kit.  If anyone knows anything about the new NSX and Liberty Walk kit its that neither are cheap.  To say this NSX was sick is an understatement.  There weren’t any words I had, just facial expressions


Wheel fitment on the car on point.  Phantasy Kolors came through for this car just like his GTR.


Aired OUT.


Doczilla made use of what little room he had in the back of this thing.  Just like with the GTR, the trunk setup on this car was so clean.


I have to say that the “Google Lens” and “Translate” feature it has is awesome.  I went right to the Liberty Walk website which is all in Japanese, and my phone translated all of it for me.  Liberty Walk is making some sick stuff, and have come a long ways since starting with Lamborghinis.


I caught Joey Lee from StickyDiljoe going around judging.  I managed to talk to him for a moment and to let him know how awesome his work is.  Follow him on IG @StickyDiljoe and hit his website up @ http://www.stickydiljoe.com for some of the sickest event coverage.


Here’s something I don’t see all the time!  An MR2!  I love these cars and they’re a classic.  The overall execution on this one was perfect.


The 3SGTE that they stick in this tiny ass compartment seems like a pain in the ass to work with, but the owner of this cleaned it up and made it look great!  Love the chassis brace on it as well.


This silve DC with the JDM front end was one of the cleanest of the show, and I think theres a video feature on it on youtube by StickyDiljoe.

I love that the owner decided to stick with a B series, an look at that crazy attention to detail in the bay!


A clean interior, Bride seats, Takata harnesses, and a Racepak(?) cluster.  I had a USDM ITR cluster in my old DC2, and I personally love the analog style clusters.


JDM front end with a spoon carbon fiber lip.  I always thought 16 inch wheels were the best looking on the DC chassis, but these look like they’re 17s, and it works well with the car, and likely the brakes need something big in order to fit.


The extra height bigger wheels give the car is likely much needed because the spoon lip hangs so low.  I also love the oem optional sides.  Oem optional kit is the best looking kit imo.


Here is a clean USDM equivalent to the silver one.  This red DC was also very clean, and the USDM front provides that classic look that Integras came with in the states.


The Volk TE37s with perfect fitment.


This owner once again retained the classic B series that these cars came with.  The bay on this is really nice.  That battery is so tiny.


Another red DC with Endless brakes and Mugen MF10 wheels.  A JDM front conversion and Spoon CF lip on the front.


This teg was outfitted with a K series engine and wonderfully tucked bay.  Look at the weld porn on that intake!


Turbo peeking through!


B series outfitted with a forward facing turbocharger and sidewinder manifold.


Some random clean wheel fitment.  Love the Volk/Brembo combo on this RSX.


More Work Emotions.


FD with beautiful TEs.


Even though a lot of cars had Volks on them at the show, it just goes to show that you can never go wrong with them.



That’s a wrap for this evening!  Its been a busy day, but I’m happy to knock this second part out tonight!  Thank you for reading through, stay tuned for part 3!

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