Wekfest Seattle Part 3.

Happy Friday.  I know this coverage was supposed to go up this past weekend, but as always, time finds a way to evade me and excuses make their way into my head.  But here I am with the final installment of Wekfest Seattle.  We ended the last recap with cool wheels, so that seems like a fine place to start this time around.  Warning, if I reused any pictures from the last recap, I apologize, I cant 100% remember what I did and did not already share and I am too tired to care at the moment.


You cant go wrong with a set of TE37s on just about any car.  They’re a universal wheel that looks good on just about anything you can put them on.  Find a nice caliper to put them in front of and you’re golden.


Add some badass fenders to the mix and you’re literally over 9,000 on the power scale.  Much power.


Each time I go to a show, you always find interesting things people put into their vehicles.  With some cars its bottles of alcohol, cigars, and PornHub shit, and others, its teddy bears and heart stuff.


I must admit, the heart hood prop is a first for me.


More Volk coolness on an STI parked near the front of the show.


More TE37 goodness.  I don’t get tired of these wheels.


Serious.  I don’t.


I think SLs are definitely my favorite iteration of the Volk Racing series.  That followed by the time attack editions I would say are my favorites, either that or Ultras.


I saw more Skylines at this show than any so far.


Speaking of Skylines, this one definitely took the cake.  Word has it that it was built and raced in Japan running a sub 60 second run around Tsukuba which is amazing.  The car was then shipped to a new owner in Canada and made its way down from there to Wekfest Seattle.


Jaw dropping beautiful.



This was definitely one of my show favorites.  It’s not everyday you get to see an R34 in person, let alone one of this caliber.


Did I mention there were a bunch of Skylines?


One of the many clean builds at Wekfest was this Rx7.  It was spotless and sitting on a set of Rays Gramlight 57DR wheels which happen to be one of my favorite wheels.  Its funny that these were a bit more rare to see at the show in comparison to the TE37/CE28s.


Gramlights are a really nice choice of wheels that aren’t too hard on the wallet.  I don’t see them a lot.


In addition to being more cost friendly than their forged cousins, they’re also surprisingly light.


Speaking of clean builds, Wizzer’s RSX was one of the cleanest if not the cleanest DC5 I have ever laid eyes upon besides Spazz’s RSX from Wisconsin.


The overall build is awesome and you’ll realize that if you follow him on IG.


Sitting pretty on a set of CE28s.


A glimpse of the fresh and painted shaved bay sporting a beautiful sidewinder turbo setup.


Another glimpse of the beautiful forced induction setup.  Wiggins and Vanjens are seriously the way to go if you’re FI.  Boost leaks are a bitch.


Wizzer wasn’t the only K series build sporting forced induction.



This beautiful EP also had a nice painted, tucked, and shaved bay to go along with the turbo setup.  I like the AN fittings that are utilized in the setup.


Beautiful exterior finished off with Mugen MF10s.


This EG had such a sick K swap turbo setup on it with some awesome work done by All In Fab.


What looks to be a 35R with open dump and downpipe that is clearly hood exit.  I couldn’t imagine driving with a setup like this and trying to sneak around cops.


All In Fab work is top notch.


I saw at least two cars sporting these SBS ported K series intake manifolds which is pretty cool because as far as I know, SBS performance is based out of MN by a guy named Elvis who custom ports these intake manifolds and seals them back up.  I remember back when I was deep in the Honda scene and Elvis came to MN.  It is really cool to see his work making it all across the U.S to the PNW..


Speedfactory from Tacoma had their crazy 2000+ HP, 7 second EG at the show.


The setup on the car is incredibly nuts.  To think that each of the cylinders on this B series is producing over 500hp a piece is absolutely insane.  These engines are incredible and capable of producing some jaw dropping numbers.  Not bad for being a near 30 year old engine.


Would suck if that angry bird accidentally got left in the down/up pipe.  Would likely get shot out.



A billet B series block that Speedfactory sells.


As sexy as these Cayman’s are, I think for the price you pay for a GT4 I would rather buy an older GT3 or 991 turbo.  This one was pretty clean though.


Some lambo goodness



Sweet center exit exhausts.


This single turbo E90 335 caught my attention.


Makes me miss mine.


Clean turbo B series EG.


Another example of a clean K swapped turbo Honda.


Even trucks look good with TEs


Love this EF.  Turbo B series with a hood exit dump tube and ram horn manifold.  Clean shaved, tucked, and painted bay.


Did I post this MR2 yet?  If not, it was damn clean.  Can definitely appreciate a beautiful SW20.


This might have been the cluster on that turbo EF.  The s2000 cluster swap is a nice addition to the interior.


Another clean EG, however this one is naturally aspirated.


Coolest Cayman I’ve seen yet belonging to @Thehypebunny.


Love how wide the rear of this car gets.


Those dished wheels though!


Of course, riding on air!


The entire car looks like it was executed perfectly.  Obviously the owner isn’t going for a low key look.  This car was definitely meant to be seen and shown off.


This BRZ belongs to @3cities.brz and was a pleasure to look at.


The car had a sweet wrap and aggressive setup to it.  The widebody, wheels, fenders, and wing all work together flawlessly.  Such a sweet build.


This R8 below was super clean!


Love the duck bill and rotiforms.




The group Steep Streets representing with their crazy low and cambered vehicles.




City of Angles baby.


Don’t know how people are able to go this low and not ruin their car.  I know these are likely bagged but still.


Passed by a sweet rat rod build while walking around.


I think this guy had cans of Rainier lager on his car somewhere.  Random.


A whole bunch of low riders in a group.  A bunch of them with hydraulics and other cool suspension mods.


Crazy setup that I cannot begin to describe in the back of one of the low rider cars.


Wekfest DJs always providing the beats during the show.  Always liked the vibe the show had with some good music.


Managed to snag myself a shirt.  I had my Wekfest Chicago shirt on which surprised a few of the staff that someone from the midwest would be at the Seattle show.  But evidently, I wasn’t the only one as Chenstur ITR was there from Iowa.


I likely could have carried this display away, wheels and all.  Thats high light they are!


After the show we grabbed a bite at Pyramid Brewing across the street.  Enjoyed the beverages and food while recapping the show.  The weather was still gorgeous out, so we made a stop down to Alki beach where a bunch of the cars from the show ended up afterwards.  This S2000 was parked on the street.


If you recall from the part 1 recap, this F80 was in the first row of cars.  IT was nice to see it out because it was super clean!


Super chill at Alki with a beautiful sunset to accompany the perfect weather.  I couldn’t think of a better way to wind down the night after a great show.  Wekfest provided some awesome vibes to go along with these awesome builds from the pacific northwest.  It was definitely a sight to behold, and worth every cent I spent to get out there.  Shows and builds like the ones I saw are the type I love and live for.  My wife even got into the show and liked looking at the different builds.  I hope to add Wekfest Seattle to my regular stop each year for shows because I definitely want to come back as time and money allows to keep seeing how the scene out there progresses.

And with that, my recap of Wekfest Seattle is complete.  If you followed the recaps from beginning to end, I applaud you.  You’re literally one of the few people I write these things for.  That’s the whole goal behind AlphaDigital, to share my experiences and passions captured through my lens with you.  If only one person read through my entire recap, it was well worth the hours I’ve invested into these recaps and photos.

Thank you for reading through.  As always, follow me on IG @AlphaDigital_ for more pictures of cars and random things I encounter!


– Alex

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