Social Ice 2020

Another year, another Social Ice come and gone!


I remember attending this event for the first time probably back around 2010 and its amazing to see how far its come!  The folks over at Downtown Rochester Minnesota ( certainly pour their heart and soul into this event.  Right around this time people are fed up with winter and are looking for a great excuse to get outside.


This year I had the pleasure of working with RDA to photograph the event and I loved every second.  Over 67,000 attendees were present this year for the three days it was put on which is a giant increase over last years attendance.


And as always, there were beautiful ice sculptures and lights that made things beautiful to photograph.  Five ice bars from local establishments meant no shortage of places to grab drinks in addition to Cafe Steam supplying the caffeine for the weary attendees, and Jerk King with some local grub.


The highlight for me this year was being able to get on stage with one of the DJ’s to get a shot of him performing.  Last year, this photo won me RDA’s photo contest..

Social Ice-22

And this year, shooting from the opposite direction was a mini achievement for me.  Concert photography is something that I’m always excited to do, and learn more about.


Johnny was a blast to work with, his energy and enthusiasm for DJing made him really fun to photograph.


Overall, shooting this event was a great experience both for how fun it was and the growth in learning how to adapt in shooting in low light situations.  The weather this year made it easy to get out and about for long periods of time without having to retreat to get warm.  All my thanks go out to RDA for providing me the opportunity to work with them on media for this event!

Thanks for reading.


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