Strange Times in the Medcity

The other day, I decided to go out and snap some photos of downtown real quick.

MedCity (1)

Despite what some people may think, I did not snap these because I liked it.  Rather, I snapped these photos because I wanted something to remember this situation by.  Because I believe that you only know how far you’ve come when you have something to look back on.  And I hope that some day, I am able to look back on these photos to remind myself of how quickly things can take a turn for the worse, and to always be grateful during better times.

The only word I can use to accurately describe what I am feeling about this whole situation going on around the world right now is damn.


Its hard to believe that about a month and a half ago, over 67,000 people had attended Social Ice right here in Peace Plaza in the same spot.  Friday, it was a ghost town.

MedCity (12)

It’s very interesting to see how people process this situation and how they naturally react to things.  Some people go into a full on panic and start hoarding toilet paper and some people deny everything and go on living as normal.

MedCity (7)

In situations like these, people tend to show their true colors, and I have to say that i’m surprised at how toxic some people are or can be. Though,  I suppose maybe I shouldn’t be.  I’m sure some people will continue social distancing long after this event has blown past, myself included.

MedCity (10)

Shops in the immediate area have the all to familiar signage posted on their doors to let potential customers know of their current situation.

MedCity (9)

Thankfully, before Moka downtown shut their doors, I was able to sneak in for a miel latte..


It may not have been the prettiest, but it was damn good.

MedCity (8)

In these strange times that we are living in, I would say remember to stay positive, and that mindset is everything.  The media likes to paint the picture one color, and that color generally allows them to make the most green.  And while it does seem unfortunate, remember that there is always another story that they aren’t sharing.  There are positive things that are happening, and believe it or not, positive things that will come out of a situation like this.

MedCity (6)

So stay positive, stay strong, help one another, and remember that there is a light at the end of the tunnel.  It is up to everyone affected to determine whether or not the light comes sooner or later.  The ball is in our court.

For the MedCity folk, support your local shops to help them get through this rough patch.

Rochester Downtown Alliance posted this recently to show you how to support local shops.  I strongly urge you to take a look.

Wishing everyone the best.  We will get through this together. 

Stay strong Medcity. #RochesterStrong

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