Springtime Shenanigans

Howdy everyone! Wow, were already almost into April, its almost sad to say that the year is flying by and that spring/summer is right around the corner. But I would say that its definitely much needed, especially if you’re in the Midwest and have been stuck inside all winter doing nothing like I have. Figured I would actually take the time to contribute to this website by posting the first update of the year for the CTR!

The 2021 automotive season is upon us! With weather slowly creeping into the tolerable range for those of us in the Midwest, that can only mean one thing.. car season baby!

Before the season began I was ready to get new shoes put on the R

After much deliberation, I opted to purchase the Work Emotion ZR10 in 18×9.5 +35 compliments of Brian at Showstoppers New Jersey (https://www.showstoppersnj.com/) Brian was extremely helpful, quick to respond to questions, and best of all, patient with all of the questions I had. I decided to go with the Works because they worked great on the budget, and you don’t see a lot of these wheels on the FK8 platform in comparison to Volks. The Works will compliment my Konigs by serving as the street wheels while the Konigs get retired to track and autocross duty.

Before they went on the car however, they needed to make a quick trip over to Jeremy at Five Star Detailing for ceramic coating. Jeremy made these wheels pop with Kamikaze Stance ceramic wheel coating.

Once the coating was done, it was time to get the badboys wrapped with some rubber. I reached out to a local Discount Tire and quickly grabbed up a set of Yokohama Advan Apex V601’s

I previously had a set of V105’s on a previous civic of mine, and I really liked them for an every day driving tire. They’re a 280aa tire, slightly softer compound than the ever popular Michelin Pilot Sports, but still offered a 25,000 mile tire life. Given the price that I got them for, I would gladly say I would do it all over again.. I have a few hundred miles on them now and they’re living up to expectations. 265 square, no rub lock to lock. Needless to say, Im very happy.

Hybrid Racing Titanium Knob

A quick shot of the interior with my new Hybrid Racing titanium shift knob I got for Christmas. A great addition to the interior. Speaking of which..

Uniden R7
Vantrue N2 Pro

I was finally able to get these two pieces mounted in the interior of the car that I got over the winter. My new radar is the Uniden R7, which I got for a great deal on Amazon and my dashcam is the Vantrue N2 Pro.

I opted for the R7 because of its reviews and capabilities for picking up signals from far away as well as its dual antennas which allow for showing the direction of said signals. The Vantrue was an easy pick because of its price, and ability to record both forward and behind. Both are hardwired into the car, big thanks to my neighbors for helping me run the wires.

The radar unit had a nice little hardwire package that came with an external mute button that fit nicely in the CTR’s little slot next to the VSA button.

With good weather on the horizon, that meant car wash and cruising. Got a small group of cars together and went for a nice drive towards the Mississippi River. I forgot how nice it was to just slam some gears and cruise. It was much needed after a semi-long winter of doing nothing due to Covid.

My friend got this beautiful 2018 BMW M3 Competition over the winter. Love the paint and the growl of the motor. Plenty of power to back up the looks as well.

The neighbors Golf R

And the other neighbors scat pack.

As well as a friends mustang. My poor little import was outnumbered this day 😀

Like I said, I forgot how soothing it was to be able to get out and cruise with friends. Gives me the chance to clear my head in a similar way to how people probably relax during yoga. Looking forward to more of these, car shows, and more this year. I think the next big show for me is going to be Tuner Evolution (https://tuner-evolution.com/chicago/), but that could change.. so stay tuned!

Feel free to follow the CTR build and other stuff on my IG @AlphaDigital_

Thanks for reading!

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