Chronicles Of CTR #18645

Well, here we are, at the end of the 2020 automotive season, at least here in the Midwest.  There are some that will drive their vehicles through this winter and for them, the season is probably never over.  However, for me and the R, preparations for the 2021 season are already underway.  But before weContinue reading “Chronicles Of CTR #18645”

A Chair Affair Afterparty 2020

Howdy folks, A last minute call from a friend at Aventi Entertainment resulted in me being able to shoot this really cool event that happened for a great cause. A Chair Affair happens each year in Rochester to help raise money for the Boys and Girls Club, and this year over $300,000 was raised! SpinningContinue reading “A Chair Affair Afterparty 2020”

Social Ice 2020

Another year, another Social Ice come and gone!   I remember attending this event for the first time probably back around 2010 and its amazing to see how far its come!  The folks over at Downtown Rochester Minnesota ( certainly pour their heart and soul into this event.  Right around this time people are fedContinue reading “Social Ice 2020”

Wekfest Seattle Part 3.

Happy Friday.  I know this coverage was supposed to go up this past weekend, but as always, time finds a way to evade me and excuses make their way into my head.  But here I am with the final installment of Wekfest Seattle.  We ended the last recap with cool wheels, so that seems likeContinue reading “Wekfest Seattle Part 3.”

Mondays :/

Been incredibly busy shooting and editing, I think I have somewhere in the neighborhood of 1,000 photos to go through this week from multiple shoots.  So bear with me. Here is a roller I did of my friends GTR that will be in the Crown Rally later on in August!   Wekfest Seattle Part 3Continue reading “Mondays :/”

Wekfest Seattle Coverage Part 2.

Happy Sunday.  The weather we have been getting in MN is absolutely nuts.  It literally went from like 100 degrees and 2000% humidity to mid 60s and completely clear all within 24 hours.  I just don’t get it.  Why the weather is more bipolar than an ex girlfriend and why the hell I live inContinue reading “Wekfest Seattle Coverage Part 2.”

Snowed In – February in Review

Its March, but this post is about February and how badly it has gone weather-wise! Having received the most amount of snow in one month ever this year and more than last year combined has really put a damper on shooting.  Outdoors anyways. If you dont believe me, peep the shot below. The snow isContinue reading “Snowed In – February in Review”

24 hours in Chicago – WEKFEST-Chi Recap

I apologize for taking so long to get through my photos and to get it up here on my page.  I somehow find a way to stay extremely busy during the week, and the long memorial day weekend was the same.  But alas, I have finally edited what I hope is probably the last pictureContinue reading “24 hours in Chicago – WEKFEST-Chi Recap”

AlphaDigital 2018 – Seattle – Bike Shows- And Upcoming

Sorry for the lack of anything on the webpage.  The beginning of 2018 for me was really unclear with the direction I wanted to take AlphaDigital as well as my professional career path.  Quite honestly, it still is.  But the fact remains that I still want to continue taking photos and sharing them with anyoneContinue reading “AlphaDigital 2018 – Seattle – Bike Shows- And Upcoming”