Tuner Cult is Hot Garbage – Change My Mind (and other updates)

I seem to have stumbled upon some free time which is a rare commodity these days.  When i'm not neck deep in dirty diapers, house chores, watching Haunting of Hill House (which you should seriously be watching) or behind a lens, I can usually be found in mind numbing excel sheets plastered in numbers I …

Red Rum

I never used to be a huge American car fan growing up. Embarrassingly, I was the typical import or bust kid. But just like my taste in music changed from hanging out with friends who were big friends of bands like Slayer, Metallica, Led Zepplin etc, so did my taste in cars. The friends I had owned vehicles from Honda Civics to Corvettes and naturally, I began to appreciate domestic cars as much as I did imports. This couldnt be more true of me today, as my entire garage is composed of Fords (dont worry, and import will find its way in there at some point), and as I contemplate future vehicles I wont say that I havent included Corvettes on that list of possibilities. ANYWAY, shooting this car definitely has piqued my interests in Vettes.