Snowed In – February in Review

Its March, but this post is about February and how badly it has gone weather-wise! Having received the most amount of snow in one month ever this year and more than last year combined has really put a damper on shooting.  Outdoors anyways. If you dont believe me, peep the shot below. The snow isContinue reading “Snowed In – February in Review”

Automotive Shop Feature- Platinum Auto Wraps

Happy Sunday to anyone willing to spend a few minutes of their time reading the regurgitation of thoughts onto this blog.  At 9 am on a Sunday, my mind is just getting accustomed to the screaming and crying of the day produced by my two little girls.  As I silently drink this coffee containing theContinue reading “Automotive Shop Feature- Platinum Auto Wraps”

End of an Era?

No, not an end of the era for a model, but more along the lines of “end of an era” specifically for this NSX.  People in the car scene (especially in Rochester) likely know Travis.  What’s more likely, is people know this NSX and for good reason.  This thing is cleaner than your girls LouboutinContinue reading “End of an Era?”

Red Rum

I never used to be a huge American car fan growing up. Embarrassingly, I was the typical import or bust kid. But just like my taste in music changed from hanging out with friends who were big friends of bands like Slayer, Metallica, Led Zepplin etc, so did my taste in cars. The friends I had owned vehicles from Honda Civics to Corvettes and naturally, I began to appreciate domestic cars as much as I did imports. This couldnt be more true of me today, as my entire garage is composed of Fords (dont worry, and import will find its way in there at some point), and as I contemplate future vehicles I wont say that I havent included Corvettes on that list of possibilities. ANYWAY, shooting this car definitely has piqued my interests in Vettes.

Cleanest 8th Gen in MN

Thats the title im giving it because I have yet to see a cleaner one, though my attendance at local shows has been somewhat scarce.. but I challenge anyone to prove me wrong.  Nick messaged me to set up a shoot with this beauty and I gladly obliged.  What you see here are the results!Continue reading “Cleanest 8th Gen in MN”