Springtime Shenanigans

Howdy everyone! Wow, were already almost into April, its almost sad to say that the year is flying by and that spring/summer is right around the corner. But I would say that its definitely much needed, especially if you’re in the Midwest and have been stuck inside all winter doing nothing like I have. FiguredContinue reading “Springtime Shenanigans”

Lambo Dreams

With Covid interfering with everything these days, shooting has become increasingly difficult.  Coupled with the final weeks of my semester approaching, it has been damn near impossible.  But somehow, I prevailed and finally got to cross off a bucketlist shoot of mine with this locally owned Lamborghini Huracan. As you would expect, it was andContinue reading “Lambo Dreams”

CTR Updates

Last semester of school is crushing me.  But heres some shots of the R anyways.   Additional security installed along with 3M paint protection film courtesy of Amped Auto Greddy Supreme SP installed.  Gives the CTR the rumble it deserves and the best part was that it was easy on the wallet.  As someone toldContinue reading “CTR Updates”

#18645 – Blank Canvas

Hello out there. I hope everyone is staying safe during these insane times.  Never in my life did I think we would experience the things we have.  The current events have been mind blowing to say the least. But we persevere. Together. In these dark times, if I can even draw one persons attention awayContinue reading “#18645 – Blank Canvas”

Quarantine Edits

Happy Tuesday!  With social distancing, quarantines, and shelter in place orders becoming the norm, I have found myself retouching photos here and there.  Due to the pandemic any plans to have picked up a race car this summer have all but gone out the window this year unfortunately, but fear not, next year it isContinue reading “Quarantine Edits”

Strange Times in the Medcity

The other day, I decided to go out and snap some photos of downtown real quick. Despite what some people may think, I did not snap these because I liked it.  Rather, I snapped these photos because I wanted something to remember this situation by.  Because I believe that you only know how far you’veContinue reading “Strange Times in the Medcity”

A Chair Affair Afterparty 2020

Howdy folks, A last minute call from a friend at Aventi Entertainment resulted in me being able to shoot this really cool event that happened for a great cause. A Chair Affair happens each year in Rochester to help raise money for the Boys and Girls Club, and this year over $300,000 was raised! SpinningContinue reading “A Chair Affair Afterparty 2020”

Social Ice 2020

Another year, another Social Ice come and gone!   I remember attending this event for the first time probably back around 2010 and its amazing to see how far its come!  The folks over at Downtown Rochester Minnesota (https://www.downtownrochestermn.com) certainly pour their heart and soul into this event.  Right around this time people are fedContinue reading “Social Ice 2020”

Alpha Digital – A Year End Review

As 2019 draws to a close I want to extend a heartfelt thank you to everyone who worked with me this year.  Without the great support of you all, I never would have been able to accomplish the things I did this year. I wish doing some of the events I did, shooting the carsContinue reading “Alpha Digital – A Year End Review”