Caffeine and Gasoline X Queen City Coffee



I love coffee, it helps me get through my day, and I love coffee shops!  Which is why im happy to say that Queen City Coffee will be giving discounts on your order before you swing out to C&G!  Queen City Coffee is located right on Broadway on the 2nd floor of the Castle Community building.  Swing on in, grab your coffee and come on out to Caffeine and Gasoline!  Im considering holding a pre-meet at Queen City, so stay tuned!


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First Caffeine and Gasoline In The Books!

Howdy folks,


Happy mother’s day to all you moms out there if you happen to be reading this.  One week ago was the first Caffeine and Gasoline organized with Rochester Autosports and hosted at Rochester Ford.  The event itself, for being the first one was great!  I estimate we had roughly 60-70 cars, perhaps a little more there.  I was a bit worried that the weather wasnt going to be nice, but it actually turned out to be a perfect day!

We learned a few things from the show that we are going to be improving upon for the next one in June, so stay tuned for that.  Hope to see you all out there next month!  Here is my gallery from the first Caffeine and Gasoline!

If you see your car and would like the full resolution picture, please message me and I will send it to you!

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Caffeine and Gasoline GIVEAWAY!



Hop on over to the AlphaDigital_ Instagram to find this post!  Click the follow button, like the post, and tag a friend youre most excited to share this car season with!  This detailing kit consisting of Chemical guys products along with a free photoshoot will be raffled off at 11am at Caffeine and Gasoline! Details on Instagram / Facebook!



Caffeine & Gasoline


Super excited to announce a small project that Rochester Auto Sports and I have been collaborating on!  My goal was to just have a get together of gear heads each month just like cars and coffee up in the twin cities.  Rochester Auto Sports was more than willing to host it and here we are!  Im super excited to get the car season going with this show each month as well as meet new people and shoot new cars!  Here are the current details:

  • Hosted by Rochester Auto Sports at Rochester Ford – 4900 US 52 – Rochester MN 55901 from 9am to Noon
  • Location will be in the back parking lots of Rochester Ford off of the street that runs in between Ford and Kuehn Motors
  • Meet will be the first Sunday of each month starting May and ending October
  • All makes and models welcome, if it has an engine and wheels and can get to the meet, bring it!

I think this will be a fun opportunity to bring more people out of the woodwork in Rochester to showcase their cool whips and for people to network with eachother.  I am definitely looking forward to this!  Stay tuned for more updates!

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Thank you!

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Its Springtime!

Its spring! Or so I thought!  As I left to take some pictures at sunrise this weekend, the temperature reading on my truck said 24 degrees. Yikes.  And it didnt get better from there.

Frozen fingers coupled with a busy road made for some interesting encounters and hassles I wanted to avoid by shooting at sunrise.  For whatever reason, an event was taking place downtown at that time and people were rolling in from every angle to park their vehicles.

Nevertheless I got a few shots in but will more than likely need another session to do what I want.  Super excited for this car season, here are a few shots from this weekend.  Big things going down this 2019.


Thank you to these guys who were up at the butt crack of dawn to help me knock the rust off my camera from this winter!  And if you dont like the civic being flanked by the two exotic cars I dont care.


Victors car was as clean as I remember it being!


And Ben’s 911 never gets old.


The nice surprise for the day was seeing Travis’s new Audi R8 coming out a month earlier than I expected.  If you can recall the NSX I shot last year and my post about it from last year as well, the R8 is Travis’s new upgrade (photo below for reference).


Apparently this beauty will be out roaming the roads in LA, not in the same form however, but keep your eyes peeled!


The R8 is a worthy upgrade from the Nsx and the sound of the V10 bouncing off the buildings as we roamed downtown was a symphony to my ears.

As I said before, im super excited for this car season.  Im ready to shoot, meet new people, and see some nice cars!  We are almost 1 month out from Wekfest Chicago, which I looking forward to as well!

See ya soon and thanks for stopping by!

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Snowed In – February in Review

Its March, but this post is about February and how badly it has gone weather-wise!

Having received the most amount of snow in one month ever this year and more than last year combined has really put a damper on shooting.  Outdoors anyways.

If you dont believe me, peep the shot below.


The snow is piled up higher than the nose of my F150, yikes.  Thankfully, this week we’re looking at weather north of 30, so hopefully we can get some of this stuff melted away, or ill be underwater by this summer.  I owe everything this winter to Briggs and Stratton and their awesome snowblower.



Aside from a massive amount of shoveling and snowblowing this month, I did get a few chances to use my camera.  Firstly, shooting Social Ice, a Rochester Ice bar that comes about once a year.  If its one thing that we can all rely on regardless of the weather, its that people will drink.

Social Ice-208

This year I got to hang out with the fine folks at Dooley’s Pub, and they were kind enough to share some of their heat with my freezing hands.  Despite how cold it was, I enjoyed being out there.  Hopefully next year its a bit warmer.  Dooley’s by far had my favorite bar design, which was designed after the movie Coco.

Social Ice-51

Later that night I came back to grab shots of the music that was going on downtown.  I have to say I was pretty surprised by the turnout despite single digit temps.  It made for some great pictures.  Evidently, one of my shots won me a gift card from Rochester Downtown Alliance, which was really cool.

Social Ice-449

Shortly after leaving the ice bar I headed to The Loop to warm up and snap some shots for a longtime friend and his newly rebranded company called Aventi Entertainment.  It has always been a personal goal of mine to do more music photography, and I thought this would be a great chance to start.

Social Ice-119

One of the co-founders of the company has been a longtime friend of mine back from my good ol BMX days.  Getting the shots was a fun experience, in hindsight, I think the number one thing I would bring with me next time is a set of ear plugs.

Social Ice-103.JPG

For situations like this, where I stood directly in front of the speaker to get this shot.  #WORTHIT

Would I do it again?  – Yes – In a heartbeat.

Social Ice-301

Lastly, I got the chance to once again work with Rochester Autosports to document their build of a Gt350 for a customer of theirs.

350r-10The customer wanted more power, so in went a whipple supercharger and some lowering springs for some added aesthetics.


I have to say that if I were ever going to own a mustang or mustang-like vehicle, the Shelby GT350 has won me over.  Aesthetics and power to boot.  The flat plane v8 sounds absolutely amazing.


Amped Audio got to work some of their magic on this car also, providing a nice little setup to provide that extra bump of bass.


Spot this Gt350 headed into a crowd near you this summer.


All in all, its actually been a good month despite all the snow.  Now we wait for this all to thaw out.


Until then, thanks for checking this out!

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Automotive Shop Feature- Platinum Auto Wraps

Happy Sunday to anyone willing to spend a few minutes of their time reading the regurgitation of thoughts onto this blog.  At 9 am on a Sunday, my mind is just getting accustomed to the screaming and crying of the day produced by my two little girls.  As I silently drink this coffee containing the last precious drops of my coffee creamer I remember that I have something cool to write about today!

So, this post is titled “Automotive Shop Feature- Platinum Mn” and is done so with the hopes that down the road, I can continue more “Automotive Shop” Features for each shop that I visit.  These are shops that I decide to visit on my own, I have no affiliation or monetary gain from visiting and writing about these shops whatsoever.  So without further ado, here is my first feature from my quick trip to Platinum Automotive Wraps.

Tucked away on the backside of a building in New Brighton Minnesota, Platinum Auto Wraps is a shop specializing in tint, wraps, clear bras, ceramic coating, and more.  If you follow them on Instagram, you’ll find that they are incredibly active constantly sharing all the projects they do in their shop.



I personally learned of Platinum through Instagram but I was already aware of Tint Pros Mn through friends in the car scene who had gotten work done there (both are operated out of the same building and owned by the same person iirc).

After a while of seeing some of the cool projects they do I decided to shoot them a message to see if I could come up and snag some photos of the shop, to which they graciously accepted.


Upon arriving at the shop (which I drove by on accident once), you are greeted with a giant poster of this 991 and a Tesla charger (conveniently cut out) to the left.


Walking into the shop and you see these guys are serious about what they do.  Various brochures, certifications, trophies and more can be seen placed throughout.  Within seconds of entering we were greeted by one of the shops employees who was more than willing to show us around.


While the shop was fairly empty, the few cars that were there getting worked on were more than enough to occupy our time and wow us at the same time.  If you follow Platinum on IG, you’ll see that they work with a lot of Tesla automobiles.



I don’t know much about Teslas, but this P100d below was pretty cool and I think its the same Tesla model that 1320 featured trolling muscle cars on their Youtube channel.  While i’m not a big electric car fanatic, I can respect that haha.


In the new section of their shop was this Ferrari getting a custom wrap done to it.  I have to say that the metallic red wrap looked great, and I can’t wait to see the finished product.


One thing I noticed while walking through the shop was that the floor was covered in what I think were Swisstrax flooring or something similar.  These tiles looked incredibly durable and a great alternative to surface coatings.  Down the road, I may have to do more research on these.  My only issue is what I would do if I had liquid pooling under them from changing out fluids or something that but anyways..


This 991 was in getting a wrap job done on it and I got to say, I have a certain appreciation for people that can wrap anything, and do it well.  The amount of dedication and patience required for wrapping an entire vehicle is out of this world.  For someone that can barely focus on writing this blog, I honestly have a lot of respect for people who can do anything that requires a large amount of time and concentration.


All in all, it was cool to see and learn a little bit about the shop and what they do.  I was told in the future about the possibilities of events they may host or attend and I definitely look forward to those.  Having seen some of their work in person at shows has me excited for some of the other vehicles they work on, and I would definitely consider them if I decide to wrap or tint any vehicles I get down the road.

Follow them on IG @Platinum_MN to see their projects and me @AlphaDigital_ for more Automotive Shop Features and other content!

Platinum Auto Wraps

Address445 Old Highway 8 NW, Suite B3, New Brighton, MN 55112



Thanks for reading!











First Shots of 2019

With the weather warming up a bit for January of 2019 in the midwest, I decided to get off my lazy ass to test out the new EOS R.  I have to say, its taking a bit of getting used to but so far, without a doubt, has been one of the best purchases i’ve made so far.  The investment in full frame is worth its weight in gold, but that is another story for later.

I called up John and decided to take a few snapshots of his Saab and these are the end results and I am pretty happy.


For being an overcast day i’m happy with the results.  Can’t wait for some good weather and sun!


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Master Chief F150

Now that the semester for class is winding down and break is on the horizon hopefully Ill have more time to put into actually posting on this site.

Randomly I got a text from a friend to shoot a custom truck his dealership put together.  I wasted no time responding and getting my stuff together!



Having my own F150 as well, albeit a 2013, it was interesting to see the differences between the two trucks, essentially one generation apart.  For some reason, I think the interior on the new F150s are more spacious, but that could just all be in my head.


Ripping through the snow was easy on these method wheels paired with Toyo Open Country tires with a modest 33 inch sidewall.  And when things got slick, the 4wd had zero problems.

When I had these pictures posted on Instagram, someone quickly pointed out how the matte green wrap job reminded them of Halo and Master Chief (hence the title), and a wave of nostalgia poured over me.  I agree, this truck really does have a Master Chief-esque look to it, might as well call it a warthog.


This truck was paired with the 5.0L V8, and I had yet to ride in one since mine is an ecoboost.  The linearity and predictability of the power is somewhat nice compared to the turbochargers and to be completely honest, if I get another truck, which I likely will, it will definitely be a V8.  The ecoboost is nice, the gas mileage is nice, and it can tow A LOT, however, the motor is cumbersome and demands to be pampered.  The constant fear of timing chain slapping and bad plugs resonates in my mind as the mileage creeps up on my truck.


One feature on this truck I actually think is cool is the ability to lock and unlock the bed with the key fob.  I think that would really come in handy when im too lazy to physically put the key in and turn it, which is actually all the time.


Overall, this is a pretty snazzy truck that you can take home with you from Rochester Ford here in Minnesota.  If you are interested, its on the showroom floor!  Tell em I sent ya!

– Alex


End of an Era?

No, not an end of the era for a model, but more along the lines of “end of an era” specifically for this NSX.  People in the car scene (especially in Rochester) likely know Travis.  What’s more likely, is people know this NSX and for good reason.  This thing is cleaner than your girls Louboutin red bottoms sitting in the closet waiting for that night out you promised her.


What on earth might prompt the owner to get rid of an NSX as clean as this one?!  Its madness!  The immaculate condition of the paint alone is enough to snap necks wherever this car goes.  And if your neck didn’t snap from the looks, it surely would once you heard the growl of the pride exhaust as the naturally aspirated 3.2L V6 cuts through the streets.


The New Sportscar eXperimental design from Honda which debuted in 1990 was truly the epitome of the Japanese supercar.  With the intentions of developing a vehicle to compete with other supercars on the market, Honda went through designs and tests, with racing legend Aryton Senna even lending a hand, resulting in the sleek and timeless looking vehicle you see today.  And I definitely have to agree, the NSX even in its NA1 form looks better than the majority of vehicles you may see on the market today.


The sleek design of the exterior powered by a mid engine V6 was something people didnt see a lot of in Japan.  Most of the vehicles in the same class of the NSX, such as the GTR, Supra, 3000GT, and more were powered by twin turbo I6s which made the same amount of power, but likely didnt pack the same punch off the line as the NA V6.  They didn’t even give off a remotely similar vibe of exoticness that the NSX does.  Paired with the F1 inspired cockpit, the NSX was truly a drivers car capable of making Ferrari owners sweat on the track at a fraction of the price.  And with the NA2 revision, Honda hit it out of the ballpark. But enough about the history of the NSX.  This NSX wasn’t built for outrunning Ferraris on Rochester streets or paying homage to its designers.  It was built for grins for anyone behind the wheel and jaw dropping awesomeness for anyone fortunate enough to catch a glimpse of it on the road or at a show.


I first met Travis through a mutual friend who helped me get in contact so I could take pictures of this Japanese unicorn.  Back then, the car was mostly in stock form but as you could see, that didnt last very long.


As you can see, unlike my photos, Travis’s NSX has come a long way with several aero additions, front and rear big brakes, and beautiful Advan wheels.  The car sat so incredibly low, I have no clue how the front lip didn’t get demolished to be honest.  My spoon carbon lip for my integra didn’t last as long as I wanted it to, but hey, I was much younger, and a lot more stupid when it came to driving that car around but that’s a story for another day.




Another remarkable aspect of this car was the low miles that it had on it.


As you can see from the interior, at the time of these shots, this car only had 17 thousand miles on it.  Some people might scowl at the mileage arguing that vehicles like this weren’t made to sit in garages, but they probably need to remember that it costs $0 to worry about themselves.  It’s rare that a vehicle like this gets treated and preserved the way Travis did with his NSX.


The interior of this car was so clean.  There was not a single blemish in sight.  I would go as far as to say that the seats likely had never even been farted on.  Yes. That clean.  I had never sat in an NSX much less ridden in one, but I can definitely say that it was a wonderful experience.


What’s that saying though?  About good things and how they all come to an end?  After a good run with this vehicle I am sad to say that it no longer resides in Travis’s garage, instead you can find it here for what I can say will likely be a short amount of time at Morries Luxury Auto



While it is a bit depressing knowing that I likely won’t be seeing this roam the streets locally any time soon, its nice to know that Travis has replaced the car with something equally as cool.  As a fellow car enthusiast I can somewhat relate.  When you finish a project or create something that is your vision, you paint the entire canvas.  While you can paint new designs over it, sometimes starting on a fresh one is just what the doctor ordered.  I won’t pretend to know why Travis decided to trade in this car, but I do know one thing.  When one journey comes to an end, new ones begin, and I look forward to his plans on the horizon for the new monster occupying his garage space.

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