Photography is a passion of mine and a passion that I don’t consider work or rely on for income.  It is a hobby that I enjoy outside of my time at my regular job.  This comes with many ups and downs.  A few of the upsides include not having any employees, a building to maintain, or rent to cover etc.

                  What this means for me is the ability to be competitive in my pricing for you, and to be able to create a package that works both for your photo needs and pricing.  One of the downsides however is my availability is limited in comparison to other area photographers.  This also means that I am not available for wedding photography (as much as I wish I could).  For your special day, I defer to many of the other great photographers within the area.  I however, would love to help you with your engagement photos if that is not covered in a wedding package!  Keep in mind, though I say my availability is limited, I will work as best I can to accommodate your scheduling needs or I will refer you to someone who can!

Thank you for understanding!

               For event inquiries, please fill out my form under inquiries, or email me at AlphaDigitalMn@Gmail.com and I will get back to you as soon as I can!

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